Desire: The Creative, Cosmic Trail Blazer

Desire is an often misunderstood, maligned and undervalued part of us that is integral to the creative process.

It is the divine spark within us, urging us to greater depths, greater heights greater experience.

We may block our desires in any dimension. Why? Because we have been taught to subjugate our desires in the quest for spiritual purity, an idealised, clean cut illusion that keeps us searching, only to repeatedly encounter frustration, as the mirage leaves us stranded; disappearing into thin air under the pressure of our own realities, dry, devoid of any satisfactory life.

We cannot prescribe ourselves out of desire. Try it if you don’t believe me. Try subjugating the body’s desires for just one day. Don’t give it what it wants and see how quickly it leads to dismay.

Damming our desires is like trying to dam the ocean. Ultimately impossible.

So what do we do with it?

If we can begin by understanding that desire is a doorway into our sensorial nature, and that our very senses contain the very essence of life, that which we crave can at last be satisfied.

I get it. But its hard to describe.

Daniel Odier knows much better than I how to communicate these truths to you in this beautifully crafted book “Desire: The Tantric Path To Awakening”.

I urge you to suspend your disbelief and read it, savouring, questioning and testing these truths a they are presented.

Not many of us have the capacity for this approach, but if you are a ‘passionate’ individual then it could be of major benefit.

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