Book of The Day: Spiritual Bypassing

a green painting with many textures and lines like tracks

The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind.

If artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.


Terence Mckenna

For me, being an artist is a radical act of spirituality in action. I’ve always been spiritually inclined and this time it’s a look at how the act of ‘being spiritual’ can block us from what is really going on. I have experienced this a lot myself as our culture tries to integrate the highways and byways of eastern practices and doctrines, it’s easy to get duped away from ourselves and our basic humanness. It’s oh so easy to bypass our essential nature and our pain in favour of spiritual heights.

For anyone who thinks they’ve tried it all and it’s just not working…Spiritual Bypassing might be why. An essential read for anyone on a ‘spiritual path’ or engaged in religious studies or practices.

About Phoebe Thomasson

I am in love with expression in all forms; art, poetry, writing, music, dance...I want to inspire creativity, foster understanding and nurture the process of transformation in myself and others. In short, I want to evolve. This requires trust in speaking one's truth and freedom from fear and shame. If we cannot speak our truth without shame, then we have far to go! Join me as I heal my psyche through the creative process and find interesting perspectives as I go about my personal evolution as an artist, mother, and Shaman.

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