Why I Paint Nazca Lines…

The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru.

They were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

Here is my Nazca interpretation;

the realization of the similarities only came to me when the painting was completed!

My work is the description of the journey through deep states of awareness.

By following the line you can recreate mental pathways, leading towards your destination or away from your current position.

Symbols and shapes are the language of the sub-conscious.

About Phoebe Thomasson

I am in love with expression in all forms; art, poetry, writing, music, dance...I want to inspire creativity, foster understanding and nurture the process of transformation in myself and others. In short, I want to evolve. This requires trust in speaking one's truth and freedom from fear and shame. If we cannot speak our truth without shame, then we have far to go! Join me as I heal my psyche through the creative process and find interesting perspectives as I go about my personal evolution as an artist, mother, and Shaman.