Figuratively Speaking: Life As A Model Citizen

sketch of a nude woman by Mike Willdridge

As you may know, I’ve been doing a spot of life modeling recently and last Thursday I spent quite a few hours standing, sitting and kneeling, completely nude, on a sturdy, squat coffee table in an airy hall filled to the brim with some of the finest and most diverse art I’ve seen (in person) for quite some time!

The artists of the collective were friendly and warm. In a way I felt that I had arrived; it was what could only be described as utterly bohemian…the archetypal artists Garrett and the place to be to find your muse….Well today, I was the muse!

What an empowering feeling it is to be the focus and attention of so many talented artists (about ten on this occasion) once overcoming the strangeness of standing around starkers trying to stay completely still (which is largely impossible for me at this stage) it becomes a very interesting experience.

The location was Abbotsbury studio, and it was stormy outside. We lost power at one point in the afternoon and the lights went out. Thankfully the high vaulted studio boasts an abundance of natural light and I was never cold whilst posing as a toasty wood burning stove kept the chill at bay. Ironically, I was colder with my clothes on at floor level during lunch!

(HEY>CHAPS!!! I know the artists are on the hunt for some ‘Adonis’ type figures so if you are a younger male with a nice bod, there are worse ways to earn a living…just sayin…)

Anyway. I thought I would start a new page in honor of my new found artistic sideline career as life model and invite the artists that so painstakingly draw and paint me to submit their works to my new wall.

That way we can all benefit from the fruits of our labor! So what about me? Well it turns out I’m a natural poseur (but you knew this already right!) but what I didn’t know is that seeing yourself in charcoal & paint is a far superior buzz than using a mirror!

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Find Mike Willdridge and his work here.

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