bright and bold painting abstract with a hint of a figure

It’s Nearly Over!

Dorset Art Weeks 2016 has been a phenomenal success for me! I’ve enjoyed many visitors, all of whom (bar one or two weirdo’s) has given me great feedback and encouragement!

Thank you so much to everyone who has visited and commented, taken a card, signed up for my newsletter and purchased my art. Every bit of feedback is logged and in the percolator great things are happening.

I am now thinking beyond Art Weeks into how I can keep up the momentum and expand my horizons. Any suggestions for places to exhibit please contact me at and mark your email ART EXHIBITIONS!

That’s all for now as I’ve still got to keep up with my early nights to get through my busy days. I will be posting my next newsletter soon so sign up for links and other such things as my muse prompts me to tell you.

Much love to all my supporters and check in again soon as there is much work you’ve not seen yet to make it onto this website.

Saturday and Sunday still to go. 12pm-5pm! Come see. xx

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