a silver alien head with red hair sun moon and gold temple by artist phoebe thomasson

Artistic Meltdowns & Organizational Epiphanies…

Getting SORTED!!!…

Well we are in the final week of preparation now for Dorset Art Weeks 2016 and it’s a bit of a scramble so I am wondering what titbits of wisdom and advice I can administer for your own creative deadlines and projects?

Actually I am reading a book that is helping me to get my life streamlined so that in the future I don’t have to have the same levels of stress ever again! Getting SORTED will mean that I will know what I am doing in the future, partly due to experience (now!) and also streamlining my efficiency in general.

OK. I come clean, I am generally quite a scatty person, with a very organized and efficient person just screaming to get out. It’s like I’ve believed my own hype about being an ‘organizational failure’ for most of my life! Ha! No more!!

This gem of a book is giving me all the tools I need and the mindset to change, grow and learn HOW to be efficient! After all, they don’t teach this stuff in school do they? and if you happen to have the ‘scatty’ gene in your family then the old mindset would have you screwed forever.

Happily I now know that stuff like being organized can be learnt by applying certain techniques. I love this. It keeps my logical brain happy whilst my creative side is champing at the bit to fill this new found mental freedom and designated time with just the most beautiful and awesome art you’ve ever seen!

OK…I may not have made it yet, but I will… It’s coming! It’s about time for me to fly. Check this awesome book out below, and save yourself a load of stress at your next exhibition or project deadline!

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